VIP Rewards

What do I get for supporting the project?
Special role on the community server
Access to VIP-only voice and text channels
Customizable vanity dashboard URLs
Priority consideration for all suggestions and feedback
Access to VIP-only commands within Elemental, now and in the future, on any servers which you actively own and/or corporately administrate

Becoming an Elemental VIP gains you access to all of this awesome stuff, and you can do so by becoming a $5 (or more!) Elemental Patron via ZiNc's Patreon!.

More info on this as well as links to where to support may be found here:

Current VIP Commands
Planned VIP Functions
Allows for messaging Elemental to open a ticket with the server administration
See what your members have to say in response to a prompt or question!
Provides statistics on how many messages have been sent, what channels were most used, how much voice activity went on, and a variety of other statistics from the previous 24 hours
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