Support the Project

Support the Project

Elemental Patreon

Become a major part of supporting Elemental, as a monthly contributor!

Joining the team of Elemental Patrons allows for the project to grow substantially in both functionality and stability. Not only are Patrons awarded a special role and priority support, they may also gain access to special commands available through Elemental and receive a hand-written thank you! If you use Elemental on a regular basis and would like to support the project in this way, consider joining the Patreon.

ZiNc's Kofi

I like coffee.
A lot.

I also think that Kofi makes it really easy for you to help keep me going by... well, literally buying me a coffee. More than happy to send proof of coffee purchase if you decide to support the project in this way!

What it costs to run Elemental, currently
$14.99/yr ($1.25/mo) Cost of maintaining the website domain (yearly basis)
$40 a month Cost of maintaining hardware running the bot
Between $2-$3 a month Electricity for PC + actually coding this thing
Like $3 a day, most weeks Coffee to keep ZiNc's fingers coding
Priceless ZiNc's time and sanity
TOTAL: $44.25 a month + ZiNc's time and sanity (and a lot of coffee)
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