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Quick Start

First Time Setup

Setting up Elemental for the first time? Welcome to the squad!

Elemental will function with or without going through the quick and easy setup process. However, only those with the "Manage Server" permission will be able to use Elemental until bot roles are linked to server roles. Be sure to set up roles with the "role" commands in this section so that others on the server may use Elemental's commands!

You may also specify channels for Elemental to make use for media, logging, and public bot commands. Lastly, if you would like a particular category of Elemental's commands to be enabled or disabled, you may adjust their availability on the server using the category settings

If find yourself stuck at any point of the setup process, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team on Elemental's community server

General Settings

Server Automation


Everyone Role

To give everyone a permission level, just use the role name "everyone" | +rolemember add everyone




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