Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Terms of Service
Elemental is a closed-source project owned by ZiNc#2032 and operated by a small team of developers. By inviting Elemental to your server, you agree to allow Elemental to process information from messages sent in channels, store partial information from messages sent in channels (this temporary information is permanently deleted at the end of each day), request and process basic user account data, and store basic information about the server provided through the Discord API.
Privacy Policy
The information you agree to have used, above, is in no way publicly available to or shared with anyone aside from the development team, all of whom are dedicated to your privacy. Most of the information stored or processed by Elemental is shared by Discord under their API Terms of Service, and Elemental only stores this information in the form of server settings, server ID's, general server information, and user ID's linked with settings, logging, and moderation history.
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