A Powerful, User-Friendly Discord Bot

About Elemental

Elemental is a customizable Discord bot offering a variety of commands for moderation, informational utilities, and role management. Built on JavaScript with over 13,000 lines of code powering the functions offered, Elemental runs smoothly around the clock to bring a vast array of commands and functions to your servers.

To see everything Elemental is capable of, check out the extensive list of commands. 278 servers are already using Elemental and giving feedback and suggestions for improvements - If you're interesting in joining the community, invite Elemental to your server through the dashboard and get started with setting it up on your own server!
Some of Elemental's Features
Web-based dashboard containing server settings and utilities
Quick-and-easy setup process
User moderation tools paired with powerful logging ability and unique moderation commands to keep out the trolls
Voice channel management commands such as +voicekick and +voicemove
Slowmode, a command to interact with Discord's built-in slowmode feature, allowing users to post only after a set interval has passed
Notification system which DM's users who have had a moderation action taken against them
Specified channels for media, bot commands, and server logging
Public roles, allowing your members to get specified roles themselves
Role reactors which allow your members to get public roles by reacting to a message
Server invite and media detectors which may be enabled to delete unwanted posts
Anti-raid module which may be enabled to detect raid behavior and respond automatically at various levels
Edited and deleted message logs
Voice connect and disconnect logs, server join and leave logs
Automatic messages (in DM) and roles for new members
Server utilities for all your informational needs
Votes, polls, and giveaways to interact with your server members in a unique way
Permissions system to keep Elemental's commands in the hands of those you choose
Complete control over Elemental's logging functionalities
All of this paired with some snappy, fun games to kill time with your server members
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