Website Change Logs

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NEW Custom command response field at now accepts multiline entries
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FIX Fixed an issue that would cause saving empty Dashboard Settings/Utilities page fields not to properly apply changes to the server's settings.
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UPDATED This page loads significantly faster, now
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NEW Added new partner Gamers of Entity!
Type Description
UPDATED Updated web documentation to better fit various screen sizes with information.
Also added fields for new "Notes" available for some commands.
UPDATED Long pages without secondary navigation will now include a "go to top" button that scrolls to the top of the page automatically.
Pages with secondary navigation on large screens will only display this "go to top" button on smaller displays, when the secondary navigation is not available.
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NEW Added new page Giveaways!
This page allows you to see what giveaways you've entered in or still have time to enter in!
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NEW Added new page /dashboard/GUILD_ID/setup
This page allows for quick and easy first-time setup of your server's basic settings all in one place
FIXED Updated API to properly receive votes from bot lists
FIXED Fixed a text box on the automation settings page in the dashboard
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NEW Added DM Alert Fields management dashboard utilities page
NEW Added base layer requirements for including help media (gifs, images) on all documentation
UPDATED Updated various dashboard utilities pages to make use of improved searchbars system
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UPDATED Updated Elemental's Terms of Usage, Privacy Policy, and Acknowledgements
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UPDATED Added navigation bar links for the new Elemental Store
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UPDATED Added channel parent categories to all channel dropdown lists in dashboard, in case there are channels with the same name on the server.
Type Description
NEW Added settings boxes for ignoring automated actions and certain logging functions in specified channels, where applicable
Type Description
NEW Added Economy section of the utilities dashboard, for managing servers' VIP economy roles
Type Description
NEW Added new dashboard settings page for Modmail settings and management
UPDATED Updated dashboard settings pages to display under dropdown menu for individual settings pages. This will be extended to include further settings pages in the future.
Type Description
UPDATED Updated dashboard utilities pages to display under dropdown menu for individual utility pages. This will be extended to include further utilities in the future.
Type Description
FIX Fixed an issue with sorting by permission levels in the documentation
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FIX Fixed an issue with adding autochannels through the dashboard
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NEW Added new Partner Tell Me Why to the partners page!
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FIX Fixed an issue causing vanity URLs to not load
Type Description
NEW Added toggle in the dashboard to allow turning on or off whether staff members are identified in moderation DM alerts
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FIX Fixed vanity URL settings not properly allowing setting
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UPDATED Dashboard utilities linked access and auto channels tabs now have search bars
FIX Fixed user logs not displaying upon search, on the dashboard utilities page
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UPDATED Add confirmations to dashboard reset page
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UPDATED Server settings dashboard now allows for managing multi-select Elemental-permission-linked roles through the dashboard
UPDATED Server settings dashboard now allows for managing multi-select Elemental channels through the dashboard
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UPDATED Added button to reset role reactors to /reset dashboard page
Type Description
NEW Added /reset dashboard page, to allow for resetting various server settings, statistics, and values
Type Description
NEW Added VIP Server indicator to dashboard side cards
UPDATED VIP information page has been moved from "/donate/vip" to "/vip"
Type Description
NEW Added individual shard statuses and server counts to
Type Description
NEW is now the new project support page
UPDATED is the updated location for
UPDATED Updated "Useful Links" section of the home page, and added new links that had net yet made their way onto the list
FIX Fixed dashboard navigation menus - They were not updated to match the main navigation menus
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UPDATED The Elemental hastebin is now back online! All hastebin entries may be located at
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NEW VIP server may now set custom vanity URL's through which they can access their dashboards
UPDATED Updated a bunch of website link icons
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FIX Fixed an issue that would cause the dashboard to not properly allow access to server settings according to a user's Discord role permissions within Discord or with Elemental
Type Description
UPDATED Updated homepage features list to better highlight Elemental's commands and features.
FIX Updated documentation page to include some new commands that got filtered out in the mess of big, recent updates!
Type Description
UPDATED Updated dashboard settings page in the "General" category to include new settings for both VIP and non-VIP servers
Type Description
UPDATED Updated splash art for Deathgarden's partner listing
Type Description
UPDATED Removed two partner listings who no longer qualify for partnership
Type Description
UPDATED Added new partner Sea of Thieves to the partners page!
Type Description
UPDATED Moved all documentation to central documentation page, organized listings, and included updated filtering options
UPDATED Added server names upon hover to the serverlist page
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FIX Fixed issues on the dashboard related to a recent large update
Type Description
NEW Added autochannels management tab under the dashboard utilities page
UPDATED Updated dashboard utilities page contents for linked access channels page
UPDATED Updated dashboard utilities page contents for custom commands / aliases page
Type Description
UPDATED Updated dashboard settings page layouts and content to reflect new functionalities
Type Description
UPDATED Updated site icons to reflect Elemental's logo changes
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NEW Added Patrons page to show off all the people currently supporting the project and keeping it going
Type Description
NEW Added two new color themes
UPDATED Added buttons to allow for cycling through themes forward or backward
Type Description
NEW Added persistent theming options via theme button in the bottom right, on desktop
Type Description
UPDATED Updated commands management dashboard page to display the server's custom prefix, rather than the bot's standard prefix
Type Description
NEW Added antiraid setting box to VIP server dashboards
Type Description
NEW Added "commands" page to server dashboards which allows you to enable or disable specific Elemental commands apart from entire categories
UPDATED Updated "Manage Servers" dashboard page to show circular buttons instead of square ones, to accommodate for the new commands page
Type Description
UPDATED Updated dashboard settings page to have a floating save button any time settings have changed
UPDATED Updated dashboard customs tab on the utilities page to only show the custom commands permission if it's needed
UPDATED Cleaned up a lot of back-end functions to keep everything running more smoothly
Type Description
NEW Added permissions-levels checkboxes to documentation pages which will show or hide commands with that permission level
UPDATED Updated website color palette
Type Description
UPDATED Updated dashboard server settings to reflect additions and changes to logging functionalities
Type Description
NEW The dashboard will now display servers on which you have bot permissions above level 3! If you have permission level 3, you will not have access to the server settings, but can still access the utilities tab freely.
UPDATED Documentation listings are now sorted alphabetically
Type Description
NEW Added quickstart section to the setup documentation
UPDATED Updated how the documentation pages look and feel
UPDATED Updated documentation popups to now allow themselves to be 90% of the page's height, so you won't have to scroll them anymore
Type Description
NEW Added statistics tab to the utilities dashboard page for servers which displays information about how much use Elemental is getting in different areas, on your server.
NEW Added Meet the Team page which lists everyone involved in the project
Type Description
NEW Added widgets to the home page through which Elemental may be upvoted
Type Description
UPDATED Updated all documentation pages to pull directly from local command files
Type Description
NEW Permission level 3 users on a server (Moderators) may now directly access the server dashboard's Utilities page for any servers they have this permission level on.
NEW Dashboard pages now display Elemental's prefix on that server, on the left
UPDATED Updated the way the Logs page behaves + loads on the Dashboard's utilities page under "Logs"
Type Description
NEW Added buttons to remove timed events on the server via the Dashboard's utilities page under "Timers". This does not include slowmodes.
NEW Added buttons to remove existing custom commands and aliases via the Dashboard's utilities page under "Custom (VIP)"
Type Description
NEW Elemental server list page, which is just a neat lineup of all the servers currently using Elemental
Type Description
NEW Dashboard utilities page, under the "Custom (VIP)" tab, now offers the ability for VIP users to add new custom commands and aliases through the dashbaord
Type Description
NEW Status page which displays information about Elemental's processes and Discord connection
UPDATED Updated navigation menus to include material design icons
UPDATED Updated mobile navigation menus for main site as well as the dashboard section, to reflect changes to the dashboard
Type Description
NEW Added tab for custom commands and command aliases to the utilities tab of server dashboard pages
Type Description
NEW Official release of the server dashboard and utilities pages for VIP Elemental users
UPDATED Updated the way all of the site's searchbars function. Should be a little more snappy, now
Type Description
NEW Added Server dashboard and utilities pages through which server settings and information can be viewed and managed from a web interface
Type Description
NEW Added VIP information page to provide information on what cool things you get for supporting the project
UPDATED Navigation bar has been reorganized and links have been updated in order to allow you to easily access all the pages of the website
Type Description
NEW Added central donations page through which you can find links to support Elemental
UPDATED Updated navigation menus to remove sidebar elementals and instead place certain links under "Home" tab in the navigation bar. These changes are also reflected on mobile.
Type Description
UPDATED Added new partner, Deathgarden, to the parters page
Type Description
UPDATED Documentation and Setup -> search bar on the left side now does a better job of showing you anything that could match your search criteria. Also hides command categories which do not return any search hits.
Type Description
NEW -> reviewed, sizeable communities who express both interest and support for Elemental, make use of Elemental on their servers, and provide feedback and suggestions for what they'd like to see added in the future
Type Description
NEW -> a link via which you can support Elemental and its development in return for some fun perks and ZiNc's thankful reply =)
NEW Added Patreon link to both the mobile and tablet menus, and the PC social links (side-screen menu items)
Type Description
WEB Command documentation now uses bracket identifiers to show what parts of commands are optional, required, default, or modifiers
Type Description
NEW Added section for command category controls
NEW We got SSL boiiiiiiii
UPDATED Organized the change logs into dropdowns by month
Type Description
NEW Added section under the Setup Commands documentation for command categories settings
Type Description
NEW Added this first change logs page!
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